Monday 24 Jun 2019
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Welcome to CILT Malaysia!

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) is the international professional body for all sectors of the transport industry. Founded in the United Kingdom in 1919 and granted a Royal Charter in 1926, it was established to promote knowledge of the science and art of logistics and transport and to provide a source of authoritative views for communication to government, industry and the community.

The International Institute’s Patron is Her Majesty the Queen of England.

The Institute is a progressive and purposeful organization which provides a forum for professionals and academicians engaged in transport & logistics industry, whether it is in planning, operation and management, logistics and physical distribution, industrial transport, transport technology or for those whose contribution to transport lies in the areas of education, research and associated activities.

The Institute’s Qualifying Examinations are internationally recognised professional transport and logistics qualification of a high educational standard. A Member with a pass in the CILT Qualifying Examination is accepted as equivalent to a general degree. Together with appropriate work experiences, they lead to full Membership and the designatory letters of “CMILT” which is recognised by the Public Services Department in Malaysia as equivalent to an honours degree of a local university. Avenues for post-graduate studies in the logistics and transport field may be pursued at any local or overseas universities offering such courses.

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Malaysia (CILTM) had its beginnings in 1965 with the formation of Malaysia Section. This was to fulfil the need for the qualified locals in the field of logistics and transport after independence and the increasing demand in the transport industries. In October 1990, the Malaysia Section was upgraded to that of a National Council. Today, the situation in the logistics and transport industry even more dynamic and the demand for trained logistics and transport managers and operators is greater than ever.

Internationally, the institute has about 35,000 members with about half the number residing outside the UK, mostly in the Commonwealth countries. Malaysia has about 2,300 members of all grades. Membership of the CILT not only offers today’s transportants a breadth and depth of training through its excellent examination system, it also offers the opportunity to exchange valuable ideas and experiences with other logistics and transport professionals.

The Institute also constantly strives to keep up with the ever changing development in the Industry.