About CPD

What is CPD?

The Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program is CILTM's strategy to ensure that our members are equipped with the latest competencies required to face the challenges of complex logistics and transport industries - today and the future.

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is quite simply a means of supporting people in the workplace to understand more about the environment in which they work, the job they do and how to do it better. It is an ongoing process throughout our working lives.

We live in a rapidly changing world where legislative, social and economic developments directly affect the environment in which we live and work, and where technological advances provide radically different ways of working. CPD opportunities provide a means whereby we can keep abreast of these changes, broaden our skills and be more effective in our work.

CPD can be part of an individual’s personal ambition to be a better practitioner, enhance his/her career prospects or to simply feel more confident about their work and make it more personally fulfilling. It can be a step on the ladder to higher qualifications or enhanced job prospects or be required by professional bodies to maintain professional status. It can be part of meeting targets set by workforce performance management schemes or an opportunity for individuals to change their career paths.

Whilst CPD is an important part of our working lives, it also represents a means for employers to support their staff. CPD can facilitate access to specialised structured training, help to review working practices and contribute to a more effective and profitable business. Indeed engaging staff in CPD activities can be invigorating for individuals and the business alike.

At CILTM the range of CPD activities that we undertake to achieve these personal or corporate ambitions is diverse, flexible and varied. They can be as simple as developing practical skills through highly focused short courses or they may be designed to increase theoretical knowledge and in depth understanding based on critical examination of specific working practices over a longer period of time. Where appropriate they can lead to qualifications at varying levels to gain recognition of developing skills. CPD can be delivered in group sessions within or away from the workplace, utilise programmes designed for individuals to follow on-line or be bespoke work-based programmes designed to meet the needs of individuals and their employers. 

Benefits for individuals

 We recognise that there are many professional and personal reasons why you may wish to undertake CPD, including to:

  • Improve your career prospects by achieving additional qualifications
  • Respond to changing conditions at work
  • Achieve advancement at work
  • Change career
  • Meet the requirements of professional bodies
  • Understand the latest developments in your field
  • Develop your knowledge of the environment in which you work
  • Be better at doing your job
  • Achieve personal development