The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport in Malaysia proudly introduce inaugural WILAT - Women in Logistics and Transport, Malaysia.

Logistics and Transport industry in Malaysia evolved throughout the years with women in front or behind the scene and become the backbone of the whole operation in the industry. However, men considered to be dominant since their participations are more obvious. In recognition to women in the Logistics and Transport Industry in Malaysia, CILT Malaysia, inspired by our counterparts in UK, Nigeria and United Arab Emirates, have taken initiative to set up the Women in Logistics, Malaysia, WILAT.

WILAT Malaysia is incorporated for women members, from the following industries: Logistics, Transportation, Freight Forwarding, Technology, and Supply Chain Management. It’s a platform to promote career’s advancement through education and networking. It is crucial for women of a professional environment to take advantage on opportunities in networking in the areas of logistics and transport knowledge sharing, personality enhancement and business development through WILAT.

WiLAT Malaysia Objectives:

1. To create greater awareness among women of the logistics industry; 
2. To address the gender imbalance issues; 
3. To provide personal development and supports for members in both academic and non-academic ie hard-skill and soft-skills; and

4. To honour members that have excelled or achieved industry and national goals, ie s     show case their achievements both locally and internationally. 

In-addition, WILAT will extend its invitation to external parties namely; Ministries, Government Departments, NGO’s, Universities, Value-chain of Logistics Companies and more, as we believe the collaborations are beneficial to our stakeholders. 

Kindly contact our Secretariat office: 

Pn Sharifah Salwa Abu Bakar 
Administrator, CILTM Secretariat
HP No: 018-6618353 (whatsapp) or call CILTM office at 03-55105275 for any assistance.

Thanking you in anticipation and welcome to WILAT.