Thursday 21 Feb 2019
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MOT - WIT - APEC Project

National Taskforce on APEC Transport Cooperation - Women in Logistics and Transport (National Taskforce on APEC WIT)

1. The first meeting was held with WiLat Malaysia at CILT Malaysia secretariat office on 14th July 2016 attended by the President of CILT Malaysia, Wilat Chairperson Dato' Sharifah Halimah, CILTM Secretary General Assoc Prof Rozita Husain, the team from MiTrans, Assos Prof Dr Ooi UJ – Head Legal and Quality, MITRANS, UiTM, Assoc Prof Dr Sariwati Mohd Shariff – MITRANS,UiTM/Research Team, Assoc Prof Sabariah Mohamad –FBM, UiTM/Research Team and CILTM Secretariat team Pn Salwa and Pn Sarifah. The APEC WIT Data Initiatives Pilot Project is a nationalThe  Ministry of Transport Malaysia vide their letter dated 17 June 2016 has appointed the following persons as the National Task Force APEC WIT, namely: Dato’ Sharifah Halimah Syed Ahamd – CILTM (WiLat), Assoc Prof Dr Sariwati Mohd Shariff – MITRANS, UiTM and Assoc Prof Sabariah Mohamad – FBM, UiTM. Upon agreement and clarification, the USAID – DoT - Nathan Associates Agreement was duly signed between the President CILTM, Dato’  Abdul Radzak Malek as  Contractor’s Contract Administrator and Project Research Team led by Dato’  Sharifah Halimah Syed Ahmad as Contractor’s Technical Representative. Witnesses are members of the meeting present.

2. APEC/TPTWG Women in Transportation Taskforce Side Meeting held on 6th to 7th September 2016 at Taming Sari 1 & 2, Royale Chulan, Kuala Lumpur attended by Datuk Ruhaizah Binti Mohamed Rashid and Dato’  Sharifah Halimah Syed Ahmad.

Apec 1


APEC WIT: Malaysia's Pilot Project Mentoring Programme "WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP " on 23rd May 2017 at Sama Sama Hotel, Putrajaya

Apec 2