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  • 1Convocation 2010

  • 2Accreditation Audit Visit to UUM

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Welcome to CILT Malaysia!
About Us

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) is the international professional body for all sectors of the transport industry. Founded in the United Kingdom in 1919 and granted a Royal Charter in 1926, it was established to promote knowledge of the science and art of logistics and transport and to provide a source of authoritative views for communication to government, industry and the community.

The International Institute’s Patron is Her Majesty the Queen of England.

The Institute is a progressive and purposeful organization which provides a forum for professionals and academicians engaged in transport & logistics industry, whether it is in planning, operation and management, logistics and physical distribution, industrial transport, transport technology or for those whose contribution to transport lies in the areas of education, research and associated activities.

The Institute’s Qualifying Examinations are internationally recognised professional transport and logistics qualification of a high educational standard. A Member with a pass in the CILT Qualifying Examination is accepted as equivalent to a general degree. Together with appropriate work experiences, they lead to full Membership and the designatory letters of "CMILT" which is recognised by the Public Services Department in Malaysia as equivalent to an honours degree of a local university.

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New address
Please be informed that we are moving to the new office with immediate effect. The new CILTM Secretariat office address and contact numbers will be as follows:

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Malaysia
12D, 4th Floor, Block 1
Worldwide Business Centre
Jalan Tinju 13/50, Section 13
40675 Shah Alam
Selangor D E
Tel: 03-55105275 / 03-55105371
Fax: 03-55105489

Latest News

CILTM Convocation 2010

The 9th CILTM Convocation was held at the Shah Alam Convention Centre on 28 November 2010. The occasion was also graced with the presence of CILT International Vice President (Ireland) and CILT International Vice President (Hong Kong)

Accreditation Audit Visit to Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT)

The Academic Recognition Audit was conducted on Universiti Malaysia Terengganu(UMT)'s Bachelor of Management (Maritime) in line with the requirement spelt in the CILTM's Academic Recognition Guideline. The audit was conducted at UMT, Terengganu campus from 31 October to 1 November 2010.

Attending the audit on behalf of CILTM were Mr. Azlan Abdul Jalil ( Secretary General), Dr. Muhammad Zaly Shah (Chairman of Education & Research Committee), Tn Haji Muhammad Zani (Vice Chairman of Education & Research Committee) and Mrs. Sharifah Salwa Bt Abu Bakar (CILTM Administration Manager).

Facility Audit Visit

Facility Audit Visit to Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKl MIAT). UniKL has offered itself to conduct CILTM Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE). In line with this, CILTM visited UniKl-MIAT on Friday 22 October 2010 to discuss the matter.

Preliminary Meeting Between CILTM and Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL MITEC) Pasir Gudang

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